3 tips - så höjer du mysfaktorn i ditt hem med en bioetanollykta

3 tips - so raise the mystery factor in your home with a bioethanol lamp

The winter months in Sweden can be both chilly and gray - and during both cold winter nights and afternoons you may need an extra touch to make the home feel like a warm and pleasant place. There is still some time left until the spring sun peeks out around the corner, but not to fear - we have the best tips to endure until spring comes.

The secret behind a warm and bright home

After a long day at work, you don't want to come home to a cold and dark home. And the fact is, that heat and light are more connected than you might think. This is because no matter how warm you are in your home, it will still feel cold as long as it is dark. But how do you get that extra little warmth you may need this time of year? Well, that's what we're going to talk about.

3 tips: how to increase the coziness factor at home

Every room in the home deserves love and care as much as you do. In addition, it is actually the case that you feel better in a home where you have things that you like a lot, for example interior design. We at Dorre invest a lot in light in life, and have a wide range of various beautiful lanterns. Allow yourself to decorate everyday life with light, both outdoors and indoors.

Stylish and durable table lantern with bioethanol

Are you looking for an elegant and durable solution for lighting both at home and on the patio? Then is Dorre Sundby bioethanol lantern an excellent choice. With its modern design - both i stainless steel and black glass, high quality and environmentally friendly fuel source, the lantern will create a lovely atmosphere of warmth and light. This stylish and practical lamp is guaranteed to create an atmosphere that is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere at home.

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Tip 1 - Beautiful lanterns make rooms look bigger

Decorating the home with beautiful candle lanterns can have a big impact on how rooms are perceived. There are several reasons why beautiful lanterns can make a room look bigger - it has to do with light reflection and optical illusion, among other things.

Since light reflections from a lantern create the illusion that a space looks larger, like when the light is spread around the room, our tip for you is to place a number of lanterns around the home. Does the kitchen look cold, dark and gloomy when you get home? No danger! Place a lantern and the room will immediately be perceived as larger.

Tip 2 - Several candle lanterns spread a more pleasant light

It's not always enough to light a candle and call it done. In order for you to be able to enjoy the dark evenings and raise the coziness factor properly, our tip for you is to have many candle lanterns in the home. The fact is that several candles create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere, while also being a decorative way to light up a room. More candle lanterns together spread a more pleasant light, which can make your home both more inviting and cozy. Do you want yourself and others to enjoy your home all year round? Then we suggest that you have many beautiful lanterns around you.

Tip 3 - Place your lanterns at different heights

By placing your lanterns at different heights in the home, you can create more varied lighting that gives the room a cozy feeling. The positive thing about placing the lanterns at different heights in the home is that it doesn't matter much how the lanterns look, but the reflection of the light will do the job for you. Try placing the lanterns on different shelves, tables and windowsills, and discover a completely new feeling of light in your home.

This is how you fill up and light a bioethanol lantern

Filling and lighting a bioethanol lantern is relatively easy, but it is important that you do it correctly to avoid accidents and damage to the lamp. Here's how to fill up and light your bioethanol lantern:

  1.  Make sure the lamp is completely switched off and cooled down before you start filling.
  2. Remove the burner from the lantern and fill the lantern with bioethanol. Remember to never add fuel when the burner is still hot.
  3. Wipe off spills or drops of bioethanol from the burner or lantern before replacing the burner.
  4. Light the flame and, using a match, bring the flame to the burner.
  5. Make sure the lantern is placed on a flat surface. Avoid placing flammable objects nearby. Remember to always keep an eye on the lantern.

Care advice bioethanol lantern

In order for your bioethanol lantern to live a long life, it is important to take care of it with care. Be sure to keep the lantern clean of dust and dirt, clean the burner periodically with a cloth, and finally ensure that you fill up with bioethanol correctly. After long and faithful service, you will need to replace the burner, but this does not mean that the entire lantern has gone to waste. Buy a new burner and replace the old one with us. Has there been an accident and the glass is cracked? We also have spare glass for your bioethanol lantern in here. By following these simple care tips, you ensure that your lantern keeps its shape and continues to function correctly and for a long time.

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Using light sources is more than decorative. It is also a simple way to create a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere in the home. We hope that you have taken some of our tips with you - and can now provide your home with light and heat so that it is enough for the remaining dark and cold evenings of winter.

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