Så lyckas du med en perfekt smashed burger - varje gång!

How to Succeed With a Perfect Smashed Burger Every Time!

Summer is here and grilling season is finally underway! Regardless of whether you are going to fry the burger on a new gas grill, a traditional charcoal grill or simply just on the stove - we have tips and tricks that will make you this year's hamburger champion, season after season. Take our best tips and advice below and treat the family to a smashed burger this summer that they won't soon forget.

This is how you grill good hamburgers quickly and easily

A simple hamburger can really be varied in a variety of different designs. However, there are some tricks that you can always reuse to get that juicy burger with a crispy surface and cheese that just melts in your mouth - every time!

Choose the right utensil for your hamburger

You should always start with to make sure you have the right equipment and that you know how to use it. It might sound simple, but it's actually not always that easy to know how to use a frying table or frying pan in the right way. In order to achieve the crispy frying surface on the meat and the golden brown toasted surface on the bread, you need a hot frying pan or frying table. Putting the burger in too early is a common mistake, dare to wait until it gets really hot in the pan!

Frying shovel that makes it easy to flip burgers. Steffie frying table for smashed burger in carbon steel.

That's why you should choose prime rib mince for your smashed burger

Something else that is important to consider is that the vast majority of cooks and food lovers always choose to have prime rib mince in the meat mixture. It contributes to the hamburger being that extra juicy in texture.

What accessories should I have for my hamburger?

Do you feel that it can easily get messy with too many flavor impressions? A few years ago, it was common to scoop as much as possible onto your hamburger, the more the better! However, this is something we have gradually grown out of. Now it is pure flavors and fewer toppings that apply, which gives a more pure taste impression. Try just eating your smashed burger with tomato, lettuce, cheese and a dressing. It's so much tastier than you think!

Use a smash iron for your hamburger

Do you want to avoid getting sticky or can't get the skinny burger with your bare hands? No problem, we have the tool to help you! In order to achieve that perfect surface and size of your hamburger, there are tricks to use. Invest in a smash iron or hamburger press that will help you get round and thin burgers that both retain the juicy texture and get the crispy surface.

Wallberg Hamburger press for round hamburgers. Grease smash iron for perfect burgers every time.

Roasting table in carbon steel or cast iron

Finally! When you are done with all the preparations, accessories and ingredients, it is time to start frying. Above we mentioned that it is important that your griddle or frying pan is properly hot before you start grilling your burger, but there is one more tip that is just as important! Namely, using the right materials on your kitchen utensils.

Steffie frying table for smashed burger in carbon steel.


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