Batteridrivna led-ljus som räddar mysstämningen i vinter!

Battery-powered joint lights that save the mood this winter!

Darkness is coming and the days feel shorter and shorter. Sweden is an incredibly beautiful country and we should be grateful for the seasons we have, but during the autumn and winter months it is no wonder that it takes a little more to keep the energy and mood up. That's why we have some tips on occasions when lit candles will help you raise the coziness factor to the max during this time of year!

Because what doesn't take the cozy atmosphere to the next level more than just lit candles now that darkness is creeping in? When the days feel shorter, it's time to brighten the evenings with beautiful light and harmony. A fantastic invention that is becoming more and more popular is the battery-powered LED light lanterns. These not only reduce the risk of fire so you can leave the room without worry, they also prevent you from constantly changing candles when they burn out. They also have the same beautiful glow as ordinary tealights thanks to the flickering flame of the led light, but therefore require less supervision and maintenance.

But when should these LED lights be used? Well, anytime really, but we've listed our favorite moments when battery lights up the cozy factor a little extra below!

Tips for good series in winter 2022

Series that really draw us into the world of fantasy and make us long to get home from work, studies or other activities can be the best way to disconnect and let go of all the musts. It is also an optimal time to turn off all the lights and enjoy the glow of all the candle flames. During autumn and winter, it can also feel more accepted to snuggle up on the sofa in front of the TV with your favorite snacks than during hot summer days - which makes watching series the ultimate occupation in winter!

Surely no one has missed, for example, the Game of Thrones sequel House of the Dragon that was released on HBO Max, or that there was a 5th season of The Crown in November on Netflix? Also, don't hesitate to revisit old classics like The Office, Modern Family, Gossip Girl or why not some episodes of Sex in the City?

Spa evening with homemade face mask

Self-care has become a trend that probably no one has missed and it could be the best trend for a long time if you ask us! Because what's not better than taking care of yourself, both inside and out? A winter activity where LED lanterns can become your best friend is home spa evenings that gild both body and soul. Buy a face mask or make your own, turn on a lovely playlist, and let the LED light flames lull you to rest.

Some ingredients that you can mix together if you want to make your own face mask are, for example: Avocado, honey and cocoa, turmeric and honey, banana and honey or oatmeal, honey and olive oil.

Dinner parties with cozy details

A dinner party in winter would be nothing without atmospheric candle flames, wouldn't it? Keep the cozy atmosphere this winter and decorate both the dinner table, entrance and other surfaces with LED lanterns and minimize bright light from lamps (perfect now that electricity prices have gone up!). You also don't have to worry about placing battery-powered lights in all the rooms of the home where you don't have supervision because they are completely fireproof.

Yes, whether you want to use battery lights indoors or outdoors, it works great! One tip is to place a group of LED block lights on a platter for maximum coziness, but it is also very nice to place an LED light in a lantern out on the balcony, or at the entrance when the dinner guests arrive. Keep in mind, however, that the lanterns are not made for outdoor use, so for the sake of longevity, it is good if they are picked up after use.

Now let's romanticize this winter to the max. Put on a good movie, pour a cup of tea or pick out your favorite snacks. Fix a spa evening or invite to dinner with loved ones and let the glow from your battery-powered lanterns raise the cozy factor to the max!

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