4 Tips: så inreder du altanen med mysiga detaljer

4 Tips: How to Decorate the Altane with Cozy Details

When the spring sun begins to peek in and the sound of birds chirping can be heard outside the window, many people feel that it is time to rededicate the balcony or terrace. Have you perhaps just moved into an apartment with a balcony or do you simply need some inspiration for your current one? Scroll down to take part in the tips that will help you decorate your patio!

1. Decorate the balcony with cozy lanterns 

On a fresh spring evening, there are few things as cozy as drinking a cup of hot tea or coffee on the patio or balcony. To increase the cozy factor, it can be nice to decorate with lanterns that cast a pleasant glow. Ours Strindberg lanterns maintains high quality and shines nicely regardless of whether you choose to place them indoors or outdoors. In their black metal profile, they fit any patio or balcony.

The Strindberg lantern is available in two sizes, 31 cm and 42cm which can be perfectly combined with each other to play with height dimensions. Together, they can be very stylish in a corner or on an outdoor table. If you are instead looking for a stylish lantern with LED light that can easily be carried out to your patio, ours is it lantern Landsort a very good option. The lantern also has a convenient timer function that makes it easy for you to control how long you want it to shine.

2. Display stylish baskets that store your favorite things 

Make it easy to carry things in and out of the balcony or patio with our spring Betti leather basket. The basket is available to buy in either black or brown leather and becomes a stylish accessory wherever you choose to place it. Add some cozy blankets, or why not something to read out on the balcony? Fill the basket with exciting magazines, the children's favorite toys or a cuddly blanket, the possibilities are many! The basket makes it easy to keep track of your important things on the balcony or patio. When it's time to go back inside, you can easily carry the basket back inside with you.

3. Invest in a tray suitable for breakfast and coffee 

Fancy a coffee break on the balcony? Or do you want to start serving breakfast on the balcony? With one of our serving trays, it will be easy to carry out the coffee or buns. Tray Sari is an excellent option that, with its beautiful oblong shape, becomes a stylish addition to the table. Our Saba serving tray holds the breakfast's most important accessories and can also be used to carry out drinks to any guests. The trays can also be used as decoration on the table - maybe you want to put some candles or a vase there?

4. Display a vase of new flowers

If you are going to have guests over and you want to sit outside, it is very nice to display a vase of beautiful flowers on the table. Regardless of whether the flowers come from the store or your own garden, they immediately make your patio look more elegant and welcoming. Left Tulip is a very stylish option available in several designs. The folded edge of the vase also means that the flowers spread out beautifully and is therefore well suited for tulips. Check out our entire range of vases here!

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We wish you many pleasant moments on your balcony or patio. With any of the products above, you can make your patio look cozy and welcoming. Want more inspiration? Check out our inspiration page for more tips and ideas!