5 tips - så anordnar du den perfekta picknicken

5 tips – how to organize the perfect picnic

During the sunniest days of summer, there are few things as pleasant as a really good picnic. With a picnic, the possibilities are endless; you choose the place, the company, the food and the drink yourself. Whether you want to go on a picnic date, organize a birthday celebration outdoors or celebrate Midsummer, we have the tips to help you organize just the picnic of your dreams. With these tips in mind, you will create an unforgettable picnic with loved ones filled with great food, laughter, and a really good atmosphere that lasts until dusk.

Tip 1: Choose the day and place carefully

Close your eyes and imagine a green summer meadow, a nice breeze from the sea, the sound of the waves hitting the jetty... There are plenty of perfect picnic spots in your area, so think carefully about where you want to spend your picnic! Maybe you want to take a bottle of bubbly and some good pick-me-up to a dock, or you want to make the family a little extra happy with a cozy picnic in a nearby meadow? Who knows, in the hunt for picnic spots, you might find the next donut spot. Once you have thought out your picnic spot, you should think about what day and time you will go out. An evening picnic can be a very romantic experience, but it's always good to come prepared with mosquito spray and some warmer clothes. Think about what weather you want on your picnic and find a suitable day. 

Tip 2: Pack smart with a picnic backpack!

The second tip concerns the packing. The classic image of a picnic often includes a picnic basket. A picnic basket may be very fancy, but it can often be very heavy to carry, especially if you have to pack a lot of food. If you instead want to carry your food in a comfortable way, a picnic backpack is a really good option. At Dorre you will find several fantastic backpacks. We have, among other things the picnic backpack “Peri” for two and the picnic backpack “Pari” for four people. In both backpacks you get glasses, cutlery and plates as well as a large aluminum inner compartment where food is kept cool on hot days. Both backpacks are available in blue or gray and make very stylish accessories.

Tip 3: Bring a large picnic blanket

Before you set off, you should bring a proper picnic blanket. A good picnic blanket should not only be cozy to sit on, it should also be able to accommodate several people. A really good picnic blanket should also protect you against grass stains and wetness. With us you will find a classic picnic blanket with extra everything, namely the picnic blanket from Innoutdoor. It is very classically stylish in a blue and white checkered pattern while effectively protecting you from the wet grass.  

Tip 4: Offer fantastic picnic food

When it comes to picnic food, you don't have to go overboard. Good picnic food is actually often quite simple! Tips for good picnic food are simple but fresh salads, wraps, sandwiches, fruit and why not some buns or a thermos of coffee? A pasta salad is a classic option that can be prepared in several ways and is appreciated by the whole family. The possibilities are many. If you're going on a midsummer picnic, classic Swedish holiday food such as cold-smoked salmon, herring, potato salad and meatballs can also be really nice to have with you. A tip for those interested in cheese and wine is cheese tray "Oline" with cheese knives that can easily be carried in the backpack. Some good cheeses and a good wine always create a cozy atmosphere and can be a good option on a packed lunch for an evening picnic.

Tip 5: Cool the drink on the picnic

Whether you want to take a bottle of wine or a bottle of juice with you, it's always a good idea to chill the drink properly. At Dorre you will find a number of practical cooler bags. A special tip is to buy a bottle bag that is specially designed for cooling drinks. Ours bottle cooler from Flynn and Innoutdoor are two excellent bottle bags that are easy to carry thanks to their comfortable shoulder straps. Then make family and friends happy when you offer them a wonderfully chilled drink in the heat of summer.

We at Dorre wish you a wonderful summer filled with laughter, salty sea baths and of course many wonderful picnics with loved ones. With us, you will find several products for the picnic, the drinking evening, the barbecue evening or breakfast in the sun. Do you want to find more inspiration for the summer? Visit our inspiration page to get more tips. If you have any further questions about any of our products, you are most welcome to Contact Us.

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