Bästa presenten till alla hjärtans dag - Fixa enkel lyxig middag hemma

Best Gift for Valentine's Day - Fox Simple Luxury Dinner at Home

When is Valentine's Day? Everyone should probably be aware of that by now, and now the day with a capital D is almost here. February 14th is just around the corner ready to spread love and care. However, many can feel stress and pressure over everything from how to celebrate, to what to give valentines day gift for boyfriend, girlfriend or other loved ones. But then we come with a great piece of advice: Skip all the fuss about finding the best and most expensive gift, and all the excitement when it comes to getting a table at the finest and most luxurious restaurant. Valentine's Day, or Valentines Day as they say in the US, it's more about showing those you like how much they mean to you. Instead, fix a simple, but luxury, dinner at home with a nice table setting and tasty food. It is also said that the way to the heart is through the stomach, so what better gift than this? Check out our tips for the most romantic Valentine's Day gift below.

Nice setting with beautiful Valentine's Day decorations

Of course, avoiding stress and pressure does not mean that you should not do the little extra to make the dinner special. Decorate with Valentine's Day decorations and create a beautiful Valentine's Day table setting for the one you love. Something as simple as decorative flower petals and candles inside elegant candlesticks can really lift the mood. Dorre has fantastic interior details and ornaments that are perfect for decorating the dinner table. How about one lovely vase to put a nice bouquet of flowers in? Or silver napkin rings to spice it up a little extra? Then it's just a matter of setting the table with your finest embroidery set, glasses and plates, as well as presenting snacks and accessories in stylish ways dishes and serving bowls.

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Inspiration for tasty food for a Valentine's Day dinner at home

Yes, as we said before, the way to the heart is often through the stomach, so what's better than treating the one you love to an amazing dinner on Valentine's Day? The best Valentine's Day gift you can give if you ask us! Either you buy home ingredients so you and your partner have a cozy moment when you prepare the food together, or you surprise them with a ready-made meal.
Here is some inspiration for what you, or you, can cook up:

As you can see, the homemade dinner does not have to be very complicated or expensive. With a little extra thought and finesse, you can add luxury to any meal. If you also want to sip on a lovely drink to celebrate the day, you will find it best recipe for popular drink Clover Club here!

Don't forget Valentine's Day greetings to loved ones

If you don't have a partner to celebrate this holiday with, you really don't have to worry about it. Gather a group of friends, invite your best friend over or organize a little extra cozy day and evening for yourself. If your loved ones don't live nearby, a personalized Valentine's Day card is a nice gesture, or perhaps send a thoughtful Valentine's Day text to a friend who you know needs a little extra attention this day. Valentine's Day is not only for those who have one, but an opportunity to spread, and receive, a little extra love from everything and everyone. So let's take advantage of it!

Happy Valentines day!