Allt du behöver för den perfekta charkbrickan!

All you need for the perfect chark tray!

Autumn is fast approaching. Cozy movie nights, lighted candles, warm cups of tea and wonderful dinner parties with loved ones brighten up our weekdays and weekends. Something that fits perfectly for all these occasions is the perfect cheese and charcuterie tray. It works regardless of whether you want to offer mixed food, as a nice starter, dessert, or just enjoy it as tasty finger food for dinner in front of the TV on a Friday night.

But how do you get a good sausage tray? We have the answer! Here you will find the ultimate tips for success with everything from tools, accessories, arrangement and taste - so that both the stomach and the eye can enjoy the delicacies. Scroll down and get inspired!

Stylish platters, cutting boards & accessories for the cheese tray

The first step in creating a complete cheese and/or charcuterie tray is to make sure you have the right accessories and tools. Something that may seem obvious is the cutting board, the basis for the entire tray. If a nice and large wooden cutting board is not already in your kitchen, it may be time to invest in one. The cutting board has many uses, not only for chopping and slicing, but also for holding lovely goodies and creating a beautiful layout. A wooden tray is perfect for displaying your charcuterie, cheeses and accessories in a beautiful way.

As with all pick-your-own food, it can be good to have cutlery and other aids to make it easier to pick up and eat the food. With us at Dorre, you will find everything from tapas spoons to stir-fries, dessert forks to charcuterie and olives, as well as sharp cheese knives for all kinds of cheese - be it soft, mild or long-aged. Invest in everything from cutlery that is sold individually so you can mix and match as you like to complete cutlery sets and cheese and serving sets.

That's how you get an Instagram-friendly sausage tray

When you have made sure that all the tools and accessories are at home, it is time to start thinking about the arrangement. Some goods, such as cheese, cured meats and fruit, can be advantageously placed directly on the cutting board, while other foods such as olives, nuts, stir-fries, biscuits and bread are fine to place in glasses, regular bowls or higher dessert bowls.

A secret to make your tray extra appealing is to decorate with bowls and glasses  in different sizes, heights and colors. By creating several levels, you get a cheese and charcuterie tray that immediately adds a more lively feel.

What do you have on a charcuterie tray?

And now to the most fun, but perhaps also the most difficult step: Decorating the charcuterie tray with lovely and tasty foods. Think about getting a balance between sweet, salty and different textures - everything from crunchy, soft and crunchy, as well as beautiful and varied colours.

Make sure to put the cheese out for a while before it is to be enjoyed and that you have a knife for each variety so that the flavors don't mix with each other. Also choose Swedish charcuterie with advantage and place a fork next to each one so it will be easy to pick. Then it's just a matter of decorating nicely with biscuits, bread, fruit and vegetables and creating a beautiful arrangement.

Tips on what you can put on your cheese and/or charcuterie tray:

Bread and biscuits: Salty and sweet crisp biscuits, seed crackers, grissini, baguette and sourdough bread.

Ost: Gruyere, brie, manchego, cheddar and blue cheese are excellent.

Charcuterie: Cold cut hams and beef, coppa, salami or other sausages.

Fruit and vegetables: Mix dried and fresh fruit such as grapes, pears, apples, figs, olives, vegetable sticks, small tomatoes and more.

Other: Marmalade and various mixes, as well as salty, flavored or natural nuts.

Of course, we recommend serving all this with a nice drink. White, red or sparkling wine, drinks or non-alcoholic options will make the next evening with your cheese and charcuterie tray a success!

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