Vackert uppdukat julbord för den perfekta instagrambilden

Here’s everything you need for an instagram-friendly Christmas table

Do you dream of creating an inspiring Christmas table? Here we give you the tips that will help you create a lively, cozy and beautiful Christmas table. Whether you prefer a Christmas table with classic elements or a Christmas table in a modern spirit, we have the options for you. With us, you will find the tips that will help you organize a fantastic Christmas table that will be immortalized both in memories and on Instagram.

Set the tone for this year's Christmas table

Before you start dusting off the glasses and setting out the fine cutlery, it may be worth thinking about how you want to decorate the Christmas table. Maybe you want to use a canvas in a special color? Start from what you have and think about which accessories could fit. Classic Christmas colors such as red, green, white or gold fit perfectly on the Christmas table. Look in kitchen cupboards, drawers or in the attic for nice Christmas decorations in similar colours. Often, you already have decorations hidden away that are waiting to come into their own. Create an additional Christmas atmosphere on the table by setting out candles and candlesticks that radiate a pleasant glow.

This is how you create a classic Christmas table

Do you want to create an atmospheric Christmas table in a classic spirit? Play with classic Christmas accessories that come in red, gold or silver. Let the tablecloth on the table form the basis - a burgundy tablecloth sets a special mark on a Christmas table. Also try placing a candelabra with candles on the table for a little extra cozy factor. Serve the food in pots and bowls with matching colors, why not put some raisins and almonds in a couple of classic dessert bowls? Also keep in mind that you can play with decorations on top - let snacks or dessert be served on beautiful multi-tiered cake plates. The glow of the candles and the classic elements of the table bring to mind the old days.

The Christmas table with elements of nature

If you instead want to scale down this year's Christmas table a bit, a rustic and close-to-nature decoration may be preferable. Be amazed at how small details can go a long way, you don't have to put out all the decorations to create the Christmas spirit. Play with elements from nature such as twigs or moss. A tablecloth in natural colors also fits a little better here, for example choose tablecloths with slightly rustic materials such as washed linen or coarse cotton. Tablecloths in slightly beige colors create a natural foundation for the rest of the decorations to stand on. Take the opportunity to present a candlestick in a modern design like our "Asta candlestick". Try playing with different materials on the table. Place the food on wooden trays or in small bowls - play with the colors and shapes of the food. Sometimes you have to try a few different designs before you find the right one.

5 accessories that make a big difference on the Christmas table

  1. Napkin rings is a subtle decoration that makes a big difference. Ours "Selah" napkin rings in microfiber leather creates a very nice contrast on the table. Its leather-like design makes them perfect for both the classic and the modern Christmas table.
  2. Light is a must on the Christmas table. Either wants to make use of you realistic and safe LED lights or candlesticks with candles, this is a must on your Christmas table.
  3. Small serving bowls suitable for any Christmas table. With us you will find two nice bowls with winter motifs into which you can put raisins, almonds or gingerbread.
  4. The cutlery on the table is a detail that cannot be forgotten. Setting out fine cutlery during Christmas is a special tradition that many repeat year after year. A beautiful cutlery set is also an excellent investment that will last for many years to come. At Dorre you will find several stylish and classic cutlery sets.
  5. The food. It may seem obvious, but the food is actually an important aspect of the decoration. The way you present the food makes a big difference. Play around with plates, trays and bowls on the table. The colors of the food can also reflect the colors found on the table.

We at Dorre hope you got some inspiration for the next Christmas table. Regardless of whether you prefer stripped down or dressed up, Dorre has the accessories you need. A Christmas table is so much more than just a table - it's a chance for loved ones to spend time together during the dark months of the year. We wish you a truly wonderful Christmas filled with good food and wonderful moments together with friends and family.

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