Mala eget kaffe - ett gott hantverk

Grind your own coffee - a fine craft

It is Sunday morning and you are served a steaming cup of fresh coffee. What better way to set the tone for the last (or first) day of the week? Now is the time to skip the bitter coffee that has been in the pantry for six months and treat yourself to some luxury. There's not much that beats a really good coffee, and once you've tried grinding your own, you'll never spend money on packaged coffee again. The unique taste and texture of home-ground coffee is guaranteed to win over the family. Serve in the best way in our Kaia Coffee Mugs. The technique of grinding your own coffee can be easily mastered - soon every coffee table will be a guaranteed success.

Grind your own coffee - this is how you do it

But how do you actually succeed with your own coffee? Avoiding putting your hands in a little extra work may seem clever. But we have the answer to how you can grind and brew your very own and luxurious coffee with ease - and when the cold winter days peek around the corner, the whole family will surely show up to taste a cup.

To grind your own coffee, you need to get yourself a coffee grinder. With our Caturra Coffee Grinder of stylish ceramic design, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee every morning.

Step-by-step how to make your own coffee:

  1. Start by choosing the degree of grinding you want. The Caturra Coffee Grinder has an adjustable position, which is perfect for those who want to choose a certain degree of grinding of the coffee.
  2. Pour the whole coffee beans into the grinder.
  3. Start the grinder to start grinding the beans.
  4. Brew your very own cup of coffee from the freshly ground coffee powder. Prema Pressobryggare in stainless steel is an ideal brewer for a freshly ground cup of coffee early in the morning, and the Prissy press brewer is always a nice interior detail in the kitchen.
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Serve coffee in style in stylish coffee mugs

What is not cozier than sitting in the autumn darkness with a couple of lit candles and a cup of what you like best? Brewing your own coffee is a craft, and when it's brewed, you can easily impress your coffee guests by serving it in different types of coffee glasses. The serving is as important as the taste itself, and to do the guests' eyes a favor and get the luxurious feeling on the coffee table, it is perfect to serve in our coffee mugs. Simplicity on the coffee table is easy to achieve Kaia Coffee mugs and Slate Coasters. If you also want to make it easier for yourself and avoid having to grind a new one every day, you can store your coffee powder in it Burcu Burk, a stylish interior detail that sits on the kitchen counter.

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Coffee tip! Here's how to enjoy your coffee:

If you want to enjoy the cup, we have some tips for you. Try adding cream, brown sugar and a splash of whiskey - voila, you've made some Irish coffee. The sweet flavor is often a favorite among warming avecs, and works great for Iona Irish coffee set after a dinner during the fall.

Now treat yourself to a cozy autumn with a little warmth on the cold mornings, invite a friend over for coffee, or treat yourself to something extra in the evening! We at Dorre wish you a warm and lovely autumn!