Nyfiken på Dorres kökssortiment?

Curious about Dorre's kitchen range?

If you are looking for beautiful but at the same time function-smart kitchen items, then we at Dorre have what you are looking for. In our large selection, you will find everything in the kitchen, whether it is table setting, cooking or storing food. We simply have a complete range with everything you could possibly need to cook really good food and serve it on a beautifully set table.

For table setting in particular, we have fine cutlery with both classic and modern design. Cutlery sets, tapas forks and cheese knives are all available in different shapes and designs.

When you mess around in the kitchen, we instead have sharp kitchen knives, sturdy cast iron pots and durable cutting boards to help you. With the right tools, it will be easier to succeed in the kitchen and by investing in high quality, you get kitchen products that last a long time.

Check out the kitchen range here!