Vacker nyårsdukning med goda drinkar

New Year 2022 How to Succeed With a Glamorous New Year's Shower & New Year's Menu

Now we will soon give thanks for 2022 and toast 2023 with a bang. New Year's Eve is truly one of the most festive holidays of the year, where fine china adorns the dinner tables and everything from New Year's food to a beautiful New Year's decoration is planned to the letter. Even which New Year's table setting and New Year's menu you choose can take up a lot of space at this wonderful event. But then what is best to serve as a starter, main course and dessert for New Year's and how do you succeed with the most elegant and brilliant New Year's table setting? Check out our top tips below for your ultimate dinner menu and setting.

Beautiful New Year's decoration for the dinner - Details for the New Year's table setting

A New Year's dinner is not like any other meal, and therefore the table setting should not be either. Whether you want to make a New Year's table setting in silver or gold, or maybe even both, there are some things that spice up the dinner table and make that little extra. Get inspired with our advice here:

  1. The more the merrier. Consider filling the table with crockery, plates, candles, flowers, glitter and other decorations. A New Year's table that looks bare and empty is not recommended. By creating fullness, you get a more luxurious feeling. Dorre has beautiful details to decorate your table with. For example, place wine glasses on stylish coasters, and advantageously present one beautiful oil & vinegar set which guests can drizzle on their salad or snacks.

  2. Lay out knives, forks and spoons for starters, main course and dessert for an elegant touch on the table setting and feel free to use a slightly finer cutlery set for the New Year's dinner. Dorre's delightful cutlery perfect for a festive dinner party.

  3. The little extra. Yes, when is there no better time to spice things up than on New Year's Eve itself? For example, make a beautiful napkin fold on New Year's and put on neat ones napkin rings and decorate the dinner table with elegant glass candlesticks with crown lights for a warm and cozy feeling.

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Your ultimate New Year's menu for 2022 - Appetizer, main course & dessert

Appetizer New Year - Luxurious toast skagen

Is there anything tastier and more traditional than toast skagen as a New Year's starter? I do not think so. Buy home a really tasty Skagen batter, or make your own with prawns, mayonnaise, red onion and more, and serve on grilled sourdough bread with luxurious roe and a small sprig of dill and lemon slice on top. Yum!

New Year's hot dish - Classic juicy beef fillet

What would a New Year's Eve be without a main course that includes beef fillet and some red wine sauce? You don't need to bother with it unnecessarily and come up with something revolutionary to serve as a main course when a juicy beef fillet always goes home. Do you also need a vegetarian main course for the New Year? Then make sure to also prepare, for example, some portabello and grilled cheese so that everyone gets something to eat. Then serve the whole party with a really good potato gratin.

New Year's dessert - Fruity & simple panna cotta

The Italians have many aces up their sleeve when it comes to food and panna cotta is of course one of them. This dessert is also perfect because it is super easy to make, contains few ingredients, and keeps in the fridge for a couple of days. So you can prepare your panna cotta for New Year's already the day before so you don't have to stress on New Year's Eve itself, good right? The only ingredients needed are: Gelatin leaves, whipped cream, caster sugar, vanilla sugar, and some berries or fruit as a topping, and voila, you have your New Year's dessert! 

Bonus tip! Also make sure to serve some snacks or canapés and some aperitif when the dinner guests arrive for a complete dinner party. Click here for inspiration for the perfect sausage tray to offer before the meal, or here for our absolute favorite recipe for the tastiest aperitif: Moscow Mule!